Current Affairs MCQs November-2022


On which date is the Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare observed?

a) 1 December

b) 29 November

c) 25 November

d) 30 November

Ans: D - 30 November

  • Remembrance Day for all victims of chemical warfare is observed on 30 November every year.
  • It was started by the United Nations in the year 2005.

  • The day is observed to pay tribute to the victims of chemical warfare as well as to encourage the goals of peace, security and multilateralism.

Which of the following has been approved as a 'Food Animal' by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India recently?

a) Himalayan yak

b) Camel

c) Tiger

d) Elephant

Ans: A - Himalayan yak

  • The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has approved the Himalayan yak as a 'food animal'.
  • Food animals are those animals that are raised by humans and used for food production and consumption.

  • This step of FSSAI is expected to increase the number of yaks.

Vikram S Kirloskar, Vice President of Toyota Kirloskar Motor has passed away, Toyota is a motor company of which country?

a) South Korea

b) Hong Kong

c) China

d) Japan

Ans: D - Japan

  • Toyota Motor is a Japanese company.
  • India's automotive industry pioneer Vikram Kirloskar was instrumental in bringing Japan's Toyota Motor Corp to India in the late 1990s.

  • Kirloskar Group mostly manufactures pumps, engines and compressors along with other related products.

Which state government has appointed Prasoon Joshi as its brand ambassador?

a) Haryana

b) Uttarakhand

c) Uttar Pradesh

d) Madhya Pradesh

Ans: B - Uttarakhand

  • The Uttarakhand government has appointed writer and lyricist Padma Shri Prasoon Joshi as its brand ambassador to promote cultural heritage.

  • On behalf of the Directorate of Culture, a proposal was sent to the government to make Padma Shri Prasoon Joshi the brand ambassador of the state.

Vistara Airlines will be merged with Air India, Vistara is the airline of which country?

a) France

b) Japan

c) Singapore

d) Malaysia

Ans: C - Singapore

  • Singapore Airlines has announced the merger of Vistara with Tata Group's Air India.
  • Tata Sons will hold around 75 per cent and Singapore Airlines will hold 25 per cent stake in the new company.
  • A target has been set to complete this process by 2024.

  • India's aviation market is currently the third largest market in the world.

Where has the second successful test of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile been carried out?

a) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

b) Rajasthan

c) Lakshadweep

d) Arunachal Pradesh

Ans: A - Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  • The Western Command of the Indian Army has successfully test-fired the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile for the second time in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  • It is a surface-to-surface BrahMos supersonic cruise missile.

  • BrahMos is the most advanced missile system ever developed by India and Russia.

Where is the 7th Global Technology Summit being held?

a) Mumbai

b) Jaipur

c) Surat

d) New Delhi

Ans: D - New Delhi

  • The 7th Global Technology Summit is being held in a hybrid format from 29 November to 1 December 2022 in New Delhi.
  • These summits which focus on geotechnology.
  • Ministers and senior government officials from the US, Singapore, Japan, Nigeria, Brazil, Bhutan, the European Union and other countries
  • Will attend the summit.

  • Theme of 2022 - 'Geopolitics of Technology'

Which of the following cricketer has created a world record by hitting 7 sixes in an over?

a) Hardik Pandya

b) Deepak Hooda

c) Rituraj Gaikwad

d) Rohit Sharma

Ans: C - Rituraj Gaikwad

  • Maharashtra batsman Rituraj Gaikwad has created a world record by hitting 7 sixes in an over in a Vijay Hazare Trophy match.
  • Apart from hitting 7 sixes in an over, he also scored a double century in that match.

  • Rituraj Gaikwad has made this record in a match played between Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.