Daily Current Affair MCQs 20-March-2023

Current affairs mcqs 20 March, 2023 International Happiness Day ,Global Terrorism Index,19 New Districts ,Rohan Bopanna ,Kaila Devi ,Ramshay Prasad.


On which date International Happiness Day is celebrated?

a) March 20

b) March 21

c) March 22

d) March 23

Ans: A - March 20

  • International Happiness Day is celebrated every year on 20 March.
  • The event was initiated by the United Nations in 2013 after Bhutan became a party to the National Happiness.
  • Its purpose is to emphasize the importance of happiness and overall well-being of individuals.

  • Theme of 2023 - 'Be mindful, be grateful, be kind'

What is the rank of India in the Global Terrorism Index?

a) 8th

b) 13th

c) 21st

d) 25th

Ans: B - 13th

  • India ranked 13th on Global Terrorism Index.
  • Afghanistan is at the top of this index.
  • The GTI is based on data from the Global Terrorism Database, which is collected and collated by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Response to Terrorism at the University of Maryland.

  • The index provides a comprehensive summary of major global trends and patterns in terrorism since 2000.

In which Indian state, 19 new districts have been announced recently?

a) Maharashtra

b) Tamil Nadu

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Rajasthan

Ans: D – Rajasthan

  • It has been announced to create 19 new districts in Rajasthan.
  • Along with this, three new divisions will also be created.
  • A budget provision of Rs 2,000 crore has also been announced to meet the needs of these new districts.

  • Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that being the largest state of the country geographically, we have many districts in Rajasthan, where the distance of many areas from the district headquarters is more than 100 kilometers.

India's Rohan Bopanna and which country's Matthew Ebden have won the men's doubles event of the Indian Wells Masters tennis tournament?

a) Australia

b) England

c) Canada

d) America

Ans: A - Australia

  • India's Rohan Bopann and Australia's Matthew Ebden have won the men's doubles event of the Indian Wells Masters tennis tournament.

  • In the final held in California, USA, the pair defeated Koolhoff of Holland and Neil Skupsky of Britain 6-3, 2-6, 10-8.

In which Indian state is the Kaila Devi Shaktipeeth Lakhi fair being organized?

a) Madhya Pradesh

b) Maharashtra

c) Rajasthan

d) Uttar Pradesh

Ans: C - Rajasthan

  • Lakkhi fair is being organized at Kaila Devi Shaktipeeth in Karauli district of Rajasthan.
  • Starting from the 12th day of Chaitra Badi, this fair lasts for fifteen days.

  • It also showcases craftsmanship, handicrafts, metal products, tribal headgear, silver jewellery, glass work, hand weaving and embroidered garments etc.

Ramshay Prasad Yadav has taken oath as the Vice President of which country?

a) India

b) Nepal

c) Bhutan

d) Malaysia

Ans: B - Nepal

  • Ramshay Prasad Yadav has taken oath as the Vice President of Nepal.
  • Nepal's President Ramchandra Paudel administered him the oath of office and secrecy at the President's Office Sheetal Niwas.

  • Ramshay Prasad Yadav has been the founder general secretary of Madheshi Jan Adhikar Manch and played an active role in the first Madhesh campaign in 2007.